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  1. Padstow RIB Tragedy

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    Report on the investigation of the ejection of six people from the rigid inflatable boat ‘Milly’, 5th May 2013, on the Camel Estuary, Padstow, Cornwall UK. The full Marine Accident Investigation Board (MAIB) report is attached (43 pages).
    A fast turn led to the tragedy, two deaths and lifetime serious injuries to passengers and crew.


    The Royal Yachting Association
    Revise the powerboat scheme content and delivery to ensure that more extensive
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  2. London Boat Show Photos

    Photo's from a low key 2014 London Boat Show. With a maximum of only four all British built rib manufactures at the show, the African and Asian rib and inflatable boat constructors were in ascendancy. The British leisure rib market now being dominated by those who are economically savvy to simply be dealers in the role of importing and assembling ribs to custom designs. Most original British manufacturers have migrated to the commercial market were their boats are better suited to the demanding ...
  3. HotRIBS - Social Media

    Hi folks, perhaps a little late but HotRIBS has gone social media. In addition to our hotribs.com website, we now have a Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/hotribs and a Tweeter a/c at http://twitter.com/RibOne.

    Check us soon, and we hopefully will be able to post some snippets from time to time.
  4. Information

    Hi I have a inflatable (Dunlop) boat, which is leaking air across the rear transom there the tubes attach, are two (one each side) large jubilee type clips, where I suspect the air is leaking from. If I remove them and remove the transom, will I need to use a sealing compound when refitting the transom. I have photos if you wish to view them.

    It is an other inflatable and is in reasonable condition, it just loses air over a few weeks.

    If anyone knows where I can get any ...
  5. Rib boat

    Chasecraft rib, 1999, 7.5 metres

    I have a question,could anyone help me?
    When I'am in the sea catering my rib boat on sea waves in a quick speed my boat starts to lean on the left side in the air, is there any ballast in the boat? or is it an engine problem?
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