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Padstow RIB Tragedy

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Report on the investigation of the ejection of six people from the rigid inflatable boat ‘Milly’, 5th May 2013, on the Camel Estuary, Padstow, Cornwall UK. The full Marine Accident Investigation Board (MAIB) report is attached (43 pages).
A fast turn led to the tragedy, two deaths and lifetime serious injuries to passengers and crew.


The Royal Yachting Association
Revise the powerboat scheme content and delivery to ensure that more extensive guidance is made available to powerboat drivers covering the additional hazards presented by high powered craft and operations at high speed, and the measures that should be taken to mitigate these risks for passengers and crew. Specific guidance should be provided on the hazard of hooking, and the importance of appropriate seating and handholds when travelling at speed.

APV Marine Limited
1. Review its RCD conformance documentation to ensure these contain consistent references to the relevant ISO standards, particularly with reference to maximum engine power.

2. Review the design of the hull of its Cobra RIB range and make modifications to reduce the steep angle of heel which the boat adopts in tight turns.

Actions taken by other organisations:

The Royal Yachting Association
has taken a number of actions to promulgate advice relating to safety on powerboats. It has:

• Published articles in the RYA members’ magazine which have included safety advice.
• Produced film clips, for use on YouTube, social media and the RYA website on how to attach kill cords, how to check a kill cord is serviceable and on general safety tips for powerboat operators.
• Held safety talks at the Southampton Boat Show, September 2013, relating to powerboat safety, kill cord use and safety training courses.
• Produced stickers for attaching to powerboat control consoles relating to the need to wear a kill cord.
• Conducted several TV interviews promoting powerboat safety and the wearing of kill cords.
• Launched a Safety Campaign during the London Boat Show, January 2014, that includes further guidance on the importance and correct wearing of kill cords.
• Undertaken to issue guidance to powerboat instructors on the need to advise individuals undertaking ‘own-boat’ tuition on high powered RIBs and sports boats of the advisability of conducting additional training beyond the Powerboat Level 2 course.

The British Marine Federation
has taken the following action:

• Briefed the Boat Retailers and Brokers Association on the accident.
• Begun work on preparing a handover checklist for powerboat owners.

The Devon and Cornwall Local Resilience Forum
has reviewed the emergency response to this accident and agreed that:

• An early notification to harbour authorities will occur in the future.
• Reference to local marine emergency plans, and co-ordination of landing places will be made in future emergency responses.

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