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Chasecraft rib, 1999, 7.5 metres

I have a question,could anyone help me?
When I'am in the sea catering my rib boat on sea waves in a quick speed my boat starts to lean on the left side in the air, is there any ballast in the boat? or is it an engine problem?
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  1. RIBtickler's Avatar
    Hi Vanas and welcome to the forum. That's quite a big boy you have there! With some 225hp prop twisting the boat when she leaves the water I'm not surprised she is pushed to the left. I guess you have the engine mounted on the centre line of the transom, fuels tank in the middle and even person weight aboard?

    There are three ways to reduce this from happening:

    1. Mount the engine off-set to starboard on the transom, but it can be trial and error. Somewhere around 25 - 50mm should see some improvement, but you may have to go to 75mm depending on your boat weight and layout.

    2. Re-distribute the layout and persons on board to put more weight on the starboard side. Often offsetting the fuel tank(s) can do it but as you use fuel it will be changing the weight distribution.

    3. Fit a pair of 'trim tabs' on the transom. This is my preferred approach as it keeps the power drive (prop) on the centreline. These won't stop the drop to the left when you are in mid-air but will bring the boat to normal level quicker. They will also allow trim from side to side and bow to stern when planning.

    Finally a combination of all three using a smaller off-set, better weight distribution and trim tabs and you should have something much more comfortable.