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    Delta Introduce New Hull Design

    New ‘Typhoon’ hull gives Delta RIBs the edge in performance

    Delta Power Group (Delta RIBs) has introduced a newly designed hull form (developed over three years) called the 'Delta Typhoon'. The...
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    Geneva Police take delivery of Delta RIB

    The Geneva Police already had a larger 7.9m high performance X range Delta RIB operating on Lake Geneva but needed a smaller 6.8m X range Delta RIB that could be trailed, giving better access to...
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    ResQcraft Rescues at Cockermouth

    The catastrophic Cockermouth floods show we have entered a new climactic era. Flooding caused by sudden rainstorms (let alone by rising sea levels) means that rescue services now need effective new...
  4. Speed, Endurance and Surf racing, Scarborough hosts it all for the Thundercat Worlds

    At the eleventh hour, Scarborough wins through to host every element of racing at the Thundercat World Championship Festival being held from Saturday 2nd June until Sunday 10th June.

    It is a...
  5. STOP PRESS>>>>Thundercat Worlds circuit racing moves to FILEY

    Castle Howard stays green as Thundercats World Championships move on to Filey

    In a last minute change of plan, Castle Howard has closed its doors to the Thundercat World Championship racers and...
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    New website launched for THUNDERCAT WORLDS 07

    New website launched for THUNDERCAT WORLDS 07

    Keep up to date with all the latest news and events happening at the Thundercat Worlds Festival visit www.thundercatworlds.com

    Find out how to...
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