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Thread: Garmin question from newbie!

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    Hi all, new to the forum and just got myself my first rib, a 4.5m Gommonautica with a 50hp two stroke Yam Been about boats for years but just handbuilt small fishing boats so RIB's are new to me so have a question, the rib I have bought has two Garmin brackets on the console, I presume one will be for a fishfinder the other a plotter? I was wondering as all the cables are laid and the depth sounder thing is at the stern if I have to buy Garmin plotters etc or are the cables a universal fitment? Also wondered if anyone had any experience with Gommonautica Rib's, seems to be of good quality as the hull and tubes look excellant condition for its age.
    Thanks in advance.

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    count the number of pins in the power/data cable to see which garmin products would be compatable, in my limited experience of garmin products although they look similar some are not compatable. HTH lee

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