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Thread: Waiting for a Ribcraft ?

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    Angry Waiting for a Ribcraft ?

    Anyone waiting for a RIB from Ribcraft ?, they have gone to the dogs regarding delivery and they have become very arrogant some of us mere customers have been waiting a long time and delivery in September is'nt much cop. Dissapointed

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    It's not just Ribcraft.
    Are there any rib manufacturers who can achieve agreed delivery dates at the moment?
    It may be a good sign that rib's are becoming more popular than ever!

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    Mine was ready bang on time, although they did have to change the engine from a 135 Optimax to a 150 Optimax to accomplish this (free of charge!!).

    Sorry I've just made things worse now haven't I
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    Mine was on agreed date as well, but they seem to be struggling now to meet their commitments.
    A mate also had his engine upgraded to meet delivery schedule of his rib. Maybe it's not the boat builders who are late but their suppliers. I have spoken to a few lately and they are all blaming various component suppliers for delays.

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    Angry late delivery

    how about this one.... buying a 43ft powerboat from a top notch hampshire firm paid big big money ,using for teaching / charter only 10 months late ( so far)( no charter / no teaching !! and the marina will not refund 5k berthing charges, there's always someone in a boat worse off than you!!!!! at least the sun is shining over the troubled water( fat help)
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    That sounds horrendous. I have learnt that next time I order a new boat I will have penalty clauses in the contract. If the boat builder doesn't like this he wont sign the document and wont get an order.

    Gp back to them and providing you have a written document from them you may be able to take legal action for costs i.e. 5K berthing fees. Just a suggestion.

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