Major Development in Spanish Boating Deregulation
By Manuel Sevilla Moróder

Spanish marine industry association ANEN held its annual conference at the Barcelona boat show in Spain last week against a backdrop of a significant step ahead in boating regulation. From January 1, 2011, new legislation will have major repercussions and contribute to facilitate recreational boating in Spain.

First and primarily, vessels under 12m (39ft) in length will be exempt from the need to be matriculated. As long as the boat carries the CE mark, completing a simple form and producing the purchase invoice will suffice to obtain a registration certificate. Obtaining the three legal documents on sea-worthiness and radio communications that have so far been required will no longer be necessary. This applies to both charter boats and those for private use.

Also regulated by the new decree, charter boats will not need to be listed under the movables property registry with a significant saving in cost and time. Regarding electronics on board, SOLAS VHF and emergency energy source will not be required unless for off-shore sailing. In all cases the installation of electronic devices on board will no longer have to be authorised or monitored by government.