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Thread: World Record Attempt

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    Default It’s Britain vs America in 2013!

    Now there’s more than just a record at stake – In an unexpected but welcome twist to the tale, Alan Priddy and the team behind the Company85 Global Challenge are delighted to announce that they’ve been challenged to a race around the world by another team from America. The challenge date has been set for November 2013 – a delay to the initial project but one which opens many opportunities.

    Alan Priddy said,
    “The project has been generating interest from all over the world but the challenge came as a very welcome surprise – as we saw this summer at the Olympics, having someone to race against drives people to achieve extraordinary things! We’re looking forward to generating even more excitement about the project now there’s the added element of competition. A powerboat race around the world has never been attempted before and it’s got to be the ultimate challenge, both in endurance and operation. We’ll need to keep everything going flat out for 50 days”.

    We’ve been inspired by the success of Team GB this summer and by Ben Ainslie’s pledge to bring the America’s Cup back to Britain in 2014. We feel we have the best chance of bringing the World Record back to Great Britain in 2013 – this is our chance to show that Britain really does rule the waves!”
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    Default Letter from Alan Priddy

    Dear Supporters,

    You may be thinking that to make such a severe decision must have taken a lot of courage and thought. In truth, once I had all the information to hand it was one of the easiest I have ever made.

    Faced with a construction problem ultimately of unknown proportions left me with only one way to go – "Start Again".

    I was not prepared to risk the failure of this massive project, and I have taken everything we have learnt and done up until now, and will improve upon it.

    Now it is going to be a "Race Around the World" against the Americans, we will build in a few changes. The first is to have four extra berths and increase the crew numbers to 12. If you or anyone you know is interested in the trip of a lifetime, please contact us.

    As from today everything is new. From the super smooth logo to who is building Accomplish More. We are extremely pleased to appoint ABC Marine of Hayling Island as the hull and wheelhouse constructors. They have given us a 12 week build schedule, so things are going to happen at an alarming rate. As with our original plan, we will still be carrying out the final fit-out, and Accomplish More should be finished, painted in her new Jotun finish, and be launched around Easter time.

    As a holder of 37 world records, I know how hard it is to get to the start line, and I can assure you that the passion to bring the world record back to the UK is still as strong as it was when we started the Circumnavigation Project three years ago.

    Thank you for supporting our attempt, and for following the story so far.

    Just when you think it is over, the project doubles in size!

    Over the coming weeks we will be announcing some amazing additions to the project, so do keep checking us out daily.

    With the warmest of regards,

    Alan Priddy
    Team Principle
    Accomplish More

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    Default The Race is On - Great Britain vs America

    We’re mindful of the fact that last month’s newsletter left things as a bit of a
    cliffhanger, but in an unexpected but welcome twist to the tale, we’re delighted
    to announce that we’ve been challenged to a race around the world by American
    Ralph Brown and his OceansQuest team, who have been preparing to attempt
    the same circumnavigation record as us.

    The challenge date has been set for
    November 2nd 2013 – another delay, but one which opens many opportunities.

    Our latest newsletter (October) is attached in PDF, (1.66MB).
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    Default Letter from Alan Priddy

    If I was a gambling man, I would say that this is going to be the largest circulated and viewed photo in history. It says it all. The world’s most sophisticated boat arriving back in Gibraltar next year, after blasting all the way around the world, and beating the Americans in the process.

    As we approach the end of 2012, I’d like to reflect on the highs and lows of the year. I have had massive highs with meeting new supporters and sponsors, and of course the excitement of being challenged to a race around the world by an American team, which I will come to shortly.

    Without question the low was having to make the final decision to recycle the boat under construction in Dudley and start again, but I knew that it was something that had to be done to preserve an unblemished record of success.

    2013 is going to be an exciting year, where the team and I will be making history. The last time an American team challenged Great Britain to a boat race was back in 1851. This was the forerunner of what is now known as the multi-billion dollar funded Americas Cup.

    In the summer of 1851, the two teams were racing off Cowes on the Isle of Wight, when Queen Victoria turned to the American ambassador to ask “Who is coming second?”

    “There is no second,” he replied, “only the loser.” The Americans went on to win the race, and history dictated that at that moment in time Great Britain lost the right to say that she ruled the waves. The trophy was held by the Americans for 132 years, and Great Britain has never won the race.

    Ben Ainslie has put together a campaign to attempt to rectify this in 2014, and we wish him and his team all the very best of luck in his endeavours.

    For Accomplish More and her team the pressure is on, and there is no way that we are going to let America beat us. We are going to give our attempt everything we have to ensure that the world’s first powerboat race around the world becomes known as “THE BRITISH CUP”.

    The project continues to attract the attention of the world’s media and TV companies, and the negotiations with new corporate parents has become a full time job for Joe Mearns and me. I can say there is going to be a series of big announcements in the New Year – not least the addition of a new crew member. Unfortunately Charles Stuart has had to withdraw from the crew with an injury that is not going to heal in time. I am not at liberty to say who his replacement is at the moment due to ongoing negotiations, but I can say that he is a colourful character, and done some amazing things in his life.

    Our connection with Gibraltar and its business community is growing by the day, and we are extremely pleased with what is being planned. Early in the New Year, and in conjunction with a new supporter, we will be introducing a series of holiday packages for anyone that wants to come to “The Rock” to see us off on November 2nd. The packages will be 3, 5 or 7 days, and will include day trips and visits to North Africa, the Spanish mountains, and of course a full and detailed tour of everything that Gibraltar has to offer. I will let you know the full details as soon as everything has been finalised.

    For those of you going to the London Boat Show in January, I will be giving talks in the Knowledge Box exhibition area on Saturday 12th at 1330 and 1500, Sunday 13th at 1300, and Friday 18th at 1330 and 1430. Shelly Jory-Leigh will be standing in for me on Thursday 17th at 1230 and 1530.

    All it leaves me to do is to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year, and to say a huge thank you for following and supporting our attempt to make sure that Britannia Rules the Waves again.

    With the warmest of regards,
    Alan Priddy
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    Default Team Britannia's Charity Partner Announced

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    Team Britannia announce official charity partner for round the world record bid in revolutionary boat

    · Team Britannia announce the Royal British Legion as official Charity Partner
    · World record attempt will showcase best of UK’s marine industry
    · HRH Prince Harry wishes Alan Priddy and team, best of luck

    Team Britannia, last night Monday 8th December, announced that their official charity partner for the round the world record attempt would be the Royal British Legion.

    The £2.9 million round the world record bid hopes to shave up to seven days off the current record of 60 days 23 hours 49 minutes, held by New Zealander Pete Bethune.

    It is lead is by British power boating legend Alan Priddy, in a new ‘torpedo’ boat that will pierce the waves, rather than surfing them. Coupled to its super-efficient design, a variant of the “fast displacement hull” this will reduce fuel consumption by up to 30 per cent and make the 24,000 mile trip smoother.

    Mr Priddy commented: "I am delighted that we are teaming up with the Royal British Legion as part of this historic record attempt. When my team and I first started to talk about the linking with a charity, so as part of our voyage we could raise money for a good cause, the Royal British Legion was the name most frequently mentioned. “Many of my team have strong connections with the military, including Jan and Joe who have both served in our armed forces, so this link is acutely personal to us.” The Team will offer two spaces on each of the eight legs to injured and wounded servicemen and women, who will selected over the next three months before starting an intensive training programme to get them ready for the voyage.

    The vessel will be powered by a revolutionary fuel emulsion, a mixture of diesel, water and emulsifier, that when burnt reduces harmful emissions such as particulate matter and NOx. The British company behind the emulsion, SulNOx Fuel Fusions, believe claim they have cracked the problem of stratification that has blighted this technology in the past. They say that by smashing ordinary fuel and water together repeatedly and under great pressure they can alter the size of the fuel particles at a nano level. To further stabilise this mixture an emulsifying agent is added. This they say has created the first safe, reliable and cost effective fuel emulsion which will be used to power the boat as part of a million pound deal. The effects of the emulsified fuel on the engines and the emissions will be monitored for the duration of the voyage and the results published online.

    The Team hopes to start building the boat early next year and set off on the historic voyage in just 11 months, when the weather conditions will be just right. The 80ft vessel, built out of marine grade aluminium, will be launched in late spring to allow it to complete its sea trials. It has not been named yet, but Mr Priddy says they are in talks with potential sponsors about this and hope to make an announcement in the New Year.

    Mr Priddy continued: “Our goals are quite simple, to smash the current world record and showcase the very best of the British maritime industry: design, boat building, technology and developments in eco-fuels. Being able to announce that Royal British Legion will be our official charitable partner is an extension of these goals. “The Royal British Legion, does outstanding work with the most incredible people. People who have put their lives on the line to protect us all, whether on the battlefield of the Somme in 1914, the icy waters of the North Atlantic, or more recently in the foothills of Afghanistan. I hope that we do them proud.” And last night it was revealed that HRH Prince Harry, had written to Team Britannia wishing them the best of luck with their round the world attempt.

    To complete the record attempt the boat must pass through the Suez and Panama Canals, cross the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator and start and finish in the same place. The world record authorities, UIM (Union Internationale Motonautique) have approved Team Britannia’s proposed route, which will start in Gibraltar and call at Shanghai, Singapore, Oman, Malta, Gibraltar, Puerto Rico, Acapulco, Honolulu, and Guam to take on fuel.
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