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Thread: Hot Lemon Sets Another Record

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    Default Hot Lemon Sets Another Record

    Result subject to official confirmation
    On Friday 30th September 2011 Dave & Mike Deacon in Hot Lemon set a World & National Record for craft under 30' in length from Poole to Cherbourg at 67 minutes 12 seconds. Their Scorpion RIB is powered by two Yanmar 315hp diesel engines & already holds two other World Records, the Round Britain & the Southern Islands. The result is subject to official confirmation.

    The distance used for calculating the speed, as determined by the RYA, was 71.958 statute miles, 62.53 nautical miles or 115.806 kilometres.

    Timekeepers were Chris Strickland and Bob Eddings, Scrutineer Tony Roussel, Measurer Rob Beakhust, all under the control of the RYA.
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    Congratulations to both of you, keep them coming!

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