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    Last summer, my wife and I went out halibut fishing in "3 to 4' seas", according to the weather info. We only went out one mile. As quickly as we stopped, it became "5-6' seas" so we pulled up ex post haste and headed directly for the beach. On the way back in, the tide (20' change) started running against the wind, and the waves got white capped, and nastier. A few 8 footers pounded us, one almost knocking my wife overboard (Honest, guys, I DO LOVE HER!!!). Sitting in a trough and looking up at 8' or higher walls on both sides of us, in a 16' Zodiac Fastroller, was not the best fishing memory I have. Very dumb move on my part. It still haunts me. Thank God (and Zodiac) that these little tubes float as well as they do; the boat never seemed to get in the slightest bit nervous and stuck to the water like glue. However, we just ordered a real RIB, a 21' Ribcraft.... just in case. For those not over here, Cook Inlet has a survival time of a couple of hours. It is COLD.

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    Sounds nasty ....
    I'm sure we all have stories to tell of moments where we wish we were not in a particular place at a given time.
    A number of years ago we had a 6.5m Hysucat. We were camping at Alderney with friends and decided to pop over to France (Dielette) to grab some take-away pizzas. As these things always turn out, we were delayed with our pizzas due to various reasons, the wind escalated to F4/5, the tide started running (It gets up to 7knts in the Alderney Race) and things started getting really nasty as we departed. The heavens opened half way across on the return journey vis was down to a few metres - we could only manage about 8knts as the sea was pretty violent by this time, with 10/12 foot waves breaking over us from all sides! We almost collided with a massive yacht who appeared from no-where. Between our 3 ribs we have 7 kids and 9 adults. The one rib was a bit too close inshore and hit a rock which removed a chunk of the hull. Thank-God it was a rib as he could continue on. The Tornado which was the third rib took a huge wave across the stern which ripped the A-frame in half and left it dangling over the s/board side. With the sharp steel section rubbing against the tube it eventually tore a chunk out of it deflating the entire side. I shouted across to them to chuck the a-frame overboard which they subsequently did. Anyway, a whole bunch of other things happened, and although we were only a mile or so from land we were in mortal danger - by the time we entered Braye harbour it was 22:45 - we had deprated at 17:30
    This trip would normally be around 40 minutes doing about 25knts!

    Accidents/ dramas invariably happen when a number of things start going wrong and escalates into a disaster!

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