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Thread: The Pocket Book of Weather

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    Default The Pocket Book of Weather

    Entertaining and Remarkable Facts about our Weather
    By Michael Bright

    Featuring 3,000 fascinating facts and figures, this entertaining and informative book explains how the weather shapes our planet and affects all our lives.

    From sandstorms to monsoons, avalanches to solar storms, rainbows to tornadoes, delve into The Pocket Book of Weather to explore the what’s, whys, where’s, how’s and when’s of weather phenomena:

    What makes the wind blow?
    How do clouds form?
    Why are no two snowflakes the same?
    What causes hurricanes?
    Why are deserts so dry and rainforests so wet?
    What causes the jet stream?

    After marvelling at lightning, understanding thunder and finding there is no end of the rainbow, Michael Bright uncovers the amazing truth behind our weather and explores the intriguing mysteries of weather phenomena in this fascinating compendium of useful and entertaining information.

    Michael Bright is an executive producer with the BBC’s Natural History Unit and has written scores of books about the natural world.

    Published by Adlard Coles Nautical
    January 2013
    Hardback - £10.00
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