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Thread: United States Rib market

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    Default United States Rib market

    I am wondering if anyone knows anything about rebranding of small RIBS manufacturers by either larger RIB manufacturers or yacht manufacturers?
    At least in the US, the list of RIB brands is pretty expansive, but there doesn't seem to be a clear market for them. I don't see RIB tenders for sale at many yacht dealerships, nor are there many specialty boat shops in my area. Coming from the state with the largest boater registrations, I am guessing this means the market for these things is pretty weak right now. Anyone have any ideas of where I can get more information about what the rib market looks like or any predictions for the US?

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    I'm not too sure about the re-branding market for RIBs in North America! What is clear is that Ribís are about to take off in North America. When? I'm not too sure, but when they do it will be in a big way.

    Some established companies are all ready in a good position; those generally who now provide boats to rescue, military, and utility service organisations. Comfort is not the greatest attribute of a RIB, no Gin Palaces here, but the ability to go into the wilderness; look after the crew and because of the high power to weight ratio, give an exhilarating ride in conditions that traditional boats canít cope with, will naturally appeal to the adventurous spirit of the North Americans.

    RIBcrafts USA
    Zodiac Hurricanes

    ; are all well positioned when take off happens!

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    Kevin, you left out http://www.protectorboats.com/

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