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Thread: Seawork 2013

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    Default Seawork 2013

    Don't miss Seawork the commercial marine exhibition and conference, ABP Port of Southampton (www.seawork.com).

    It's on next week (Tuesday to Thursday) and offers an unparalleled opportunity to see new vessels, new products, new applications, demonstrations and the latest opinions on current topics and opportunities from the conference.

    • 500 exhibitors
    • 20 countries
    • 50+ vessels afloat
    • RIB celebrates 50 years
    • Conference programme

    Exclusive events at Seawork include:

    • New 800 Seaboat from Marine Specialised Technology
    • New Hydraulic Generator from Mermaid Marine
    • Demonstration by E P Barrus of a Mariner outboard going from underwater to underway in 10 seconds
    • New Nelson 42 Launch by Seaward Boats
    • European launch of new D19M engine by Scania
    • Zodiac MILPRO introduces new phase in RIB evolution
    • Turbine Transfers reveals Extreme Semi-SWATH vessel on the pontoons
    • Launch of Complete RIB Manual by Dag Pike published by Adlard Coles
    • Alnmaritec announces design partnership with Sculli Studio

    Plus much more. See the website www.seawork.com for more information.

    Commercial Marine Exhibition & Forum

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    Yamaha – the power behind the RNLI inshore B class RIBs
    The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) have been using Yamaha outboards on various rescue RIBs for more than 15 years. The B class RIB usually operates closer to shore than all-weather lifeboats, in shallower water, close to cliffs, among rocks or even in caves.

    There are two types of B class lifeboat – the Atlantic 75 and the Atlantic 85 both powered by Yamaha. The latest in the fleet are the Atlantic 85 class inshore rescue RIBs that are designed to work in extreme conditions. The twin Yamaha F115 outboards are fitted with special water-proof inversion systems that allow them to continue working, after re-righting following a capsize.

    The older and smaller Atlantic 75 is powered by twin Yamaha two-stroke outboards with a similar specification, but only requires three crew instead of four. Both have a survivor capacity of 20 persons and have saved thousands of lives over their service.

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    Default Seawork Report

    RIBWork 2013
    This year Seawork set out to celebrate 50 years of the RIB and in addition to the launch of Dag Pike's definitive book 'The Complete RIB Manual' some 60 companies chose to exhibit on the RIBWork Trail. This trail is a showcase for RIB designers, builders and operators and those who manufacture and supply equipment to the commercial RIB market. The use of the RIBWork logo helped to fast-track to stands, berths, conferences and seminars of interest. Some of the more well known commercial RIB builders and a couple of new companies were represented by:

      • C-Fury
      • Delta Power Group
      • Marine Specialised Technology (MST)
      • Piranha Ribs
      • Ribcraft UK
      • Red Bay Boats
      • Seahorse Marine
      • Zodiac MilPro

    Most certainly a significant reduction in the number of RIB manufacturers than represented a few years ago but nevertheless between them there were more RIB's on display than ever before. The C-Fury catamaran coastal patrol craft demonstrated the unique abilities of this type of hull for some interesting commercial applications. Delta brought one of their 'class' type approved craft and MST brought along some exciting large boat examples from their huge Dutch military contract and, as another example, its latest 8m Fisheries & Conservation vessel. Powered by waterjet it's fitted out as a patrol and enforcement craft pulling a top speed of close to 50kts.

    Piranha Ribs brought their P10 model which is to compete in this year's Round Ireland Challenge. Based on the Ballistic RIB hull of concave chines it has been extended, modified and updated to give what is said to be one of the driest, fastest and best handling RIBs on the market.
    Ribcraft UK had four professional boats on display, three of these on the water including a harbour pilot boat and Magellan Zulu, a 7.8m RIB recently returned from a 2,000m trip to Norway by Mike & Di Garside to commemorate the Heroes of Telemark. She is designed to undertake passages up to 300 miles with a reasonable level of comfort for her two mature crew. Small enough to be easily trailed across Europe and fit into a shipping container for adventures further afield. You can catch up (on Facebook) with this great adventure by visiting: The Great Norwegian Solo RIB Raid. The Ribcraft cider and cheese hospitality is great too, but that's another story.

    Redbay Boats impressed with a magnificent brand new boat which takes their manufacture to a whole new commercial level. The world launch of their latest RIB, a 16.5m Pilot boat which attracted a lot of attention from harbour authorities and others looking for an all weather performing boat. Delivery to the show from the factory in Northern Ireland encountered massive 10m seas around Lands End and the Lizard during the gales of the previous week-end. Some sea trial, some all weather performance! Redbay brought four other boats to the show including an interesting 7.4m diesel engined model powered by an Hyhundi Seasall S250.

    Seahorse Marine, established in Canada in 1997, displayed on the hardstanding one model from their range of 4.5m open RIB to an 18m, 100 + passenger ferry. They are experts on the construction of rigid collared boats in a range of materials suited to the demanding requirements of military and commercial clients.

    Shock Mitigation
    Six companies specialising in seats for RIB pilots and crews were on the stands and their units were fitted to most of the demo RIBs. This health and safety issue for professional users of fast powered craft continues to take prominence. A conference session chaired by Dag Pike with presentations from Johnathan Young (ScotSeats), John Haynes (FRC International), Dr.Johan Ullman and Richard Frinnemore MOD brought attendees up to date with the standards and work being done to measure vibration and impacts on fast powerboat pilots, crew and passengers.

    At the moment there is no definitive or qualitative standard on the performance of seating currently being manufactured and sold. What was very apparent was that the biggest influence on the health and safety of crew and passengers is the person in control of the throttle! It was very interesting to hear about the work that will be undertaken by Dr.Johan Ullman in his role as medical doctor on the forthcoming Venture Cup - London to Monte Carlo powerboat race, to capture vibration and impact data seen by the competitors. For the very first time seat testing work is also to be carried out by the MOD which should provide standards that seating suppliers must meet, particulary in regard to MOD purchase but will provide valuable information to the everyday commercial and leisure marine sectors. Perhaps expect a grading system similar to the categories currently used in boat construction for the different abilities in different sea conditions. We shall see.

    RIB Engine Suppliers
    The big three made the biggest show, Barrus (Mercury/Mariner/Yanmar), Suzuki and Yamaha. Some had something new to see with Barrus showing off a new 'inversion protected' engine in a specially built interactive water test tank. Yamaha brought along its new lightweight F200F four cylinder for its Seawork debut. Honda was no where to be seen except for appearing on one or two craft on the pontoon.

    Some show pics: Photo Gallery
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