Yamaha powers into Seawork with new outboards for sea-going professionals

Andy Pumfrey, Divisional manager of the New Business Division, gives a flavour of what can be expected from Yamaha on stand A101 for those visiting Seawork 2014.

“We have impressive new Yamaha outboards for 2014 – the F115B, with the first UK showing, and the F175A – for workboats and RIBs, a Police Patrol ProPWC continuing our market leading position and an unbeatable line-up of two- and four-stroke outboards right up to 350hp. There will be something on stand for everyone, including in-depth technical advice. And we know from our previous experiences of Seawork that this is the place to be for contacts and getting the ball rolling. And as many of our working partners are also attending, everything fits into place perfectly.”

Sleeker and lighter - Yamaha’s new-generation F115B puts more power on more boats
Not many outboard engines become iconic, but Yamaha’s popular, tried and trusted F115A, one of the stalwart pathfinders of Yamaha’s original and pioneering four-stroke line-up, has certainly come close, earning almost legendary status around the world. Now 2014 brings the launch of a new, even more technologically advanced version, the F115B.

The result is an amazingly versatile unit, weighing only 173kg (13kg less than the current F115A) and delivering the highest power-to-weight performance in its class. The compact overall size makes it the ideal choice for a wide range of commercial, rescue and professional work, but also opens up new opportunities for re-powering. Which is why the F115B, with its smooth, powerful performance and four-stroke efficiency and economy, will also bring a new lease of life to a lot of older boats – of many sizes and types.

In addition to its engineering improvements, this new F115B benefits from a host of other recent electronic and technological advances made by Yamaha:

• The optional Digital Network System, which brings many advantages, such as the availability of a comprehensive range of attractive, multi-function instruments •The Variable Trolling RPM Speed Control – activated by the simple press of a button - which controls the rpm accurately in 50rpm steps between 600-1000rpm for relaxed cruising •The exclusive Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection (Y-COP) system offers the same security one would expect for a car - to immobilise the engine until you want to start it again, simply by pressing the button on the remote key fob • The newly developed Talon Series aluminium propellers, incorporating a special blade design and unique damper system to further reduce vibration and noise, making this new engine quieter and smoother in every way.

With its in-line four-cylinder configuration, muscular power band and innovative engineering, the new F115B is suited to a wide range of boats and RIBs for comprehensive applications – bringing improved fuel-efficiency and smooth, quiet performance for all professional, dock and harbour, rescue or utility use.The F115B is designed to deliver an exceptional power-to-weight ratio and sparkling performance, along with the legendary economy and reliability expected from every Yamaha outboard.

F115B key features
• Weighs only 173kg – best power-to-weight performance in its class• 16 big-valve engine (1,832cc in-line 4-cylinder format with DOHC)• Latest-generation styling with new top cowling and sleek design • Multi-point Electronic Fuel Injection and micro-computer ECM control • 60mm large-bore throttle body and streamlined intake manifold• Extremely fuel efficient – lower running costs and reliability• Service-friendly design with flange-mounted flywheel and oil-catcher tray• Optional Digital Network System - drives latest multi-function gauges• Variable trolling RPM – adjusts low speed rpm in 50rpm steps• Exclusive Y-COP immobiliser/security system • Yamaha’s compact, lightweight Power Trim and Tilt unit• Tilt Angle Limiter available as an option• 35 Amp high output alternator – extra power for starting and accessories
Full specification available

The current F115A is in daily use with the RNLI Atlantic 85 class inshore rescue RIBs that are designed to work in extreme conditions. The twin Yamaha F115 outboards are fitted with special water-proof inversion systems that allow them to continue working, after re-righting following any capsize.

Many hundreds of life-saving rescues have been carried out using Yamaha, the power behind the RNLI.

New lightweight F175 outboard on stand A101
The F175’s new design features many revolutionary weight-saving technologies, which together, create a real leader in this class. In fact, weighing in at only 225kg, this powerful lightweight delivers more features per kilogram than one would think possible.

The F175 also benefits from many other recent technological advances made by Yamaha, a typical example being the optional Digital Network System available on all models of 30hp upwards. With it comes the availability of a comprehensive range of multi-function instruments and another very attractive feature - Variable Trolling RPM Speed Control. Another example is the exclusive Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection (Y-COP) system. The F175 is smoother too, because its unique Shift Dampener System (SDS) has put an end to ‘clunky’ gear shifting.

The F175 is designed primarily for customers who want plenty of power, but with the compact dimensions and weight of perhaps a Yamaha F150 or even a two-stroke 200hp engine. In fact, this engine would be ideal for re-powering a boat with a 200hp two-stroke, because the owner would gain the cleaner, more efficient and environmentally-friendly performance of a four-stroke engine with little or no weight penalty – and perhaps a reduction. In all, brings improved fuel-efficiency and smooth, quiet performance to everything from RIBs and workboats to commercial and utility craft.

F175 key features:• 2.8 litre DOHC 16-valve four-cylinder engine • Only 225kg, lighter than many more powerful models• Multi-point electronic fuel-injection provides better combustion, further enhancing performance and fuel economy for lower running costs • Y-COP immobiliser/security system • Digital Network System option, allowing latest Yamaha multi-function gauges• Variable trolling RPM available with Digital Network System option• 50 Amp high output alternator for extra starting power and accessories
Full specification available

New Yamaha Talon propellers for mid-range Yamaha outboards on stand A101
Yamaha have introduced a new series of high-performance aluminium propellers for their mid-range outboards. The new range of Talon props have the Yamaha exclusive Shift Dampener System (SDS™) as standard, bringing no-clunk, quiet operation to a broader range of work and professional user craft.
These high-efficiency, low-slip design, 13.5” diameter, K-Aluminium SDS props with all-new blade architecture are designed for exceptional in-water grip.

With pitch options of 9, 10.5, 12, 14 and 16”, and with cupped blades for sharp cornering and manoeuvring, these propellers are ideal for the new Yamaha F115B and current models F100, F80 and F70. These are the typical outboards used for heavy workboats or RIBs with single Yamaha engine installations.

Talon propellers provide smooth and quiet in-gear operation, even at very low speeds. This is of particular benefit for outboards using Yamaha in-line cylinder designs.

Yamaha outboards – a range with depth and strength on stand display A101
Yamaha has 37 key models from the two- and four-stroke outboard ranges that meet the required MED standards and are supplied with the appropriate Wheelmark identification.


F200, F175, F115B, F60, F40


25- and 40

The Police “Patrol” version of the Yamaha ProWC is on stand A101
Yamaha are the market leader in the supply of personal watercraft for professional applications including safety boat cover, flood water rescue, surf rescue as well as patrol, intercept, insertion and extraction.

Following assessment of the cost-effectiveness of marine operations, Yamaha Motor (UK) Ltd introduced the Professional Water Craft (ProWC) range - an exceptional selection of Yamaha Personal Watercraft, designed and developed specifically to improve efficiency of wider maritime inshore operations.

The Police Patrol ProWC is based on the well proven VX Yamaha WaveRunner®, a powerful three-seat machine ready to take on any challenge with efficiency yet with comfort for the crew. Patrol specification includes Marine Police livery and features a Garmin GPS installation with speed, depth and submerged object finder, navigation lights and blue strobes. This demonstrator craft is available to all Marine Police units, showing its worth in roles from community policing to search and clearance operations.

Yamaha have been at the forefront of inshore marine safety, creating an industry-standard range of craft by working closely alongside users - with cooperative development, meeting agreed requirements and exceeding those expectations. Yamaha supply the RNLI with their own distinctive Rescue Water Craft (RWC).

Other Yamaha models can be customised to meet different operational requirements.

• Protect ProWC –Defence and military patrol • Rescue ProWC – Beach or inshore surveillance
Ben Granata, lead instructor of K38 UK, the rescue training specialists for swiftwater and ocean, is carrying out a demonstration during Seawork. He will show the slow-speed capability and technical manoeuvring of the Yamaha Patrol ProWC, a versatile personal watercraft used by the professional maritime services. The display will highlight the stability and flexibility of Yamaha craft, using K38 handling techniques, for a wide breadth of applications, including shallow water and surf use. Ben will also show how to deal with a casualty from initial contact through to safe recovery with a towed rescue board.
Ben will be available to give more information on K38 and training skillseach day of the show from the Yamaha stand.

More Yamaha power at Seawork - on land display and berths

c-fury, powered by Yamaha, on stand Q23 and berth V39
c-Fury catamaran RIBs are designed for the challenging marine environment. Exceptional stability, soft ride, responsive control and high payload capability make them a real workhorse with many unique features. Ideally suited as a daughter craft to operate from the deck of a mother-ship, applications include crew transfer, security patrol, sonar survey, rescue and unmanned operations.

Cheetah Marine 8.5m walk-around wheelhouse, powered by twin Yamaha F200, on berth V54
The Cheetah 8.5m walk-around wheelhouse is ideal for angling charters, harbour patrol, surveying and diving. The boat on berth is finished to an extremely high level and is intended for charter fishing.

For twenty years Cheetah Marine has led Europe in the specialist design and construction of power catamarans. Cheetah Catamarans are renowned in the commercial world where time at sea is dictated by the weather conditions a boat can operate in. Their excellent stability and rough weather capabilities are crucial to handling difficult sea conditions so enabling many Cheetahs to work daily, year in - year out.

Devernis 620, powered by Yamaha, with Go Marine on stand Q31
On display is the Devernis 620 capable of taking the Yamaha F150 as the ideal power solution. Boat builder Bord-a-Bord is based on the north Brittany coast and specialises in the construction of unsinkable aluminium boats from 4.5 to 15m with bespoke designs. Boats are constructed from components cut by computerised lasers to optimise material use, keeping minimum unit costs and enabling individual requirements. The Devernis reputation has led to significant orders from the military, the police, SNSM and port authorities.

Pioner workboats, including a new model, powered by Yamaha F40 and F70, on berth V9
Pioner brings the UK debut of the new Pioner Multi. Longer and with greater beam giving a wider bow door ramp and increased 'V' sections in the twin hulls, this model offers greater space and practicality, together with a softer riding hull. Also on display is the ever popular Pioner Steady 400, an extremely robust 4m workboat, which is incredibly durable and exceptionally stable.

All Pioner and Steady Boats are Det Norske Veritas approved. They are a tough, long-lasting, inexpensive and a minimal maintenance solution for workboat needs.

Ribcraft Custom 8m RIB, powered by twin Yamaha F200, on stand Q17
Ribcraft are based in their own purpose built factory in Yeovil Somerset. We are one of the few British manufacturers who have the capabilities to design and manufacture the complete boat 'in house' giving us total quality control throughout. Our company place great emphasis on safety, durability and quality of construction, each new project undergoes a rigorous testing and commissioning schedule. One of the latest projects is for Devon and Cornwall Police.

The Devon and Cornwall Police Tactical Aid Group (TAG) is a group of highly-trained specialist police units, which provide the specialist capability needed for public order, firearms, search and diving operations, among others. The Marine counter terrorism and underwater search unitoperates RIB patrols up to 12 miles offshore to prevent marine crime, working alongside HM Customs and Excise and the Immigration Service.

Ribcraft have now developed for the TAG the Custom 8m hull meeting the police boat code with stainless keelband.A commercial specification Hypalon inflation collar is clad with anti-slip material.

Custom designed console with canopy for weather protectionSelf-righting capable with frame and bagUllman Suspension seatingElectrical system, Simrad electronics, plotter, loud hailer, siren and blue lightsIntegrated communications system with police and marine bandsDiver access ladder

Official handover on Wednesday 11th

The 8m Ribcraft will be officially handed over to Devon and Cornwall Police at Seawork on Wednesday 11th on the Ribcraft stand Q17 at 13.00.

Robust 19c workboat, powered by twin Yamaha F40, on berth V18
Robust Boats are bringing a purpose built coastal & inshore waters survey boat, custom built for UK Dredging Ltd, based in Cardiff. The 19’ boat is trailable, and ready for immediate deployment anywhere in the UK. A custom built four- man wheelhouse was designed and built to accommodate the crew and survey team.

Robust produces a wide range of aluminium-hulled RIBs and workboats suitable for all commercial and non-commercial fishing applications, ranging from 14ft up to 24ft. All are Seafish compliant.

The Robust 19c will be officially handed over to a representative of UK Dredging Ltd. on Wednesday 11th at 14.30 from berth V18.

Sea-Viper, powered by twin Yamaha F225, from Seahorse Marine Workboats on berth V20
Seahorse Marine Workboats specialises in the design and production of a boat that exceptionally safe, with a class-leading durability and a life span that ensures more time is spent on the water contributing to a reduction in through-life costs.

The owners of A&R Marine have more than 20 years of experience in the marine safety boat, rescue and survey industry and chose the Seahorse Seaviper because it is a durable, versatile vessel, ideal for operation around Firth of Forth, particularly for duties such as general survey and standby vessel.