Reeds Astro-Navigation Tables 2015

By Andy Du Port

Publishing 11th September 2014

Reeds Astro Navigation Tables is now established as the ideal annual reference for ocean navigators. Using tables devised by practical ocean navigators, it contains everything the ocean-going sailor needs in order to navigate by the sun, moon, planets and stars, without the bulk and expense of heavy tables.

  • Designed and written specifically for yachtsmen
  • Contains all the tables needed to navigate by the sun, moon, planets and stars
  • Opens flat on the chart table for ease of use
  • Helpful section on practising ashore
  • Includes worked examples as an aide memoire
  • A compact inexpensive reference for all your astro navigation needs

This book, together with a sextant, will enable sailors to navigate confidently and safely when out of the sight of land.

Andy Du Port was one of the editors of the Reeds Nautical Almanacs for many years. He is the author of Your First Channel Crossing, also published by Adlard Coles Nautical.