NAIAD RHIBs of New Zealand selects U.S. boat builder, Armstrong Marine, to produce and sell their vessel portfolio under license.

The vessel portfolio of NAIAD RHIBs is now available to a larger worldwide market due to a new partnership with Armstrong Marine. Negotiations for this agreement began in early 2014, and both companies reached a mutual agreement in January of ’15.

Armstrong Marine will sell NAIAD vessels into the markets in which Armstrong has an established and growing reputation. The license allows Armstrong to sell into most US states and initial focus will be western and southwest parts of the country. Armstrong’s foothold in South America was of particular interest to the New Zealand design firm, and the Armstrong network is excited to make these high performance RHIBs available. This is not unique to South America. All of Armstrong’s agents are now offering the RHIBs, bringing NAIAD products to Africa and the Middle East.

NAIAD has been building boats for the commercial market for the past 25 years. Their rugged, high-performance rigid hull inflatable boats (RHIB) are used all over the planet for patrol, search and rescue, coast guard, pilot service, tenders, and tourism to name a few.

Designs include inboard and outboard power configurations with sizes ranging from 5 meters to 24 meters (16’-79’). Customers can choose between open, semi-open, and enclosed cabins with additional options for the final outfit of the boat. NAIAD produces their own collar systems to match the integrity of the hull. The fenders come in three types/shapes: traditional air-filled round tube, “D” shaped air-filled pontoons, and a closed cell foam collar.

Armstrong Marine already possesses a strong portfolio of commercial and military products, and NAIAD RHIBs only adds to Armstrong’s inventory. The RHIBs will be built at theArmstrong yards in Port Angeles, WA and Swansboro, NC. The final decision for where each
boat is built will be determined by the final vessel destination and lead time considerations.

“This partnership combines AMI’s professional aluminum boat building team with one of the best RHIB designers in the world. We are excited to be expanding our offerings and join the RHIB marketplace. Together with NAIAD and the other licensed builders we will be one of the strongest RHIB manufacturers in the global marine industry.” - Josh Armstrong, President & CEO of Armstrong Marine.