PRESS RELEASE January 2016

Colin MacAndrew of Aberdeenshire based Probond Marine Ltd has recently announced they have teamed up with boat designer Barry Carson to build a range of heavy-duty rigid inflatable boats aimed primarily at the commercial market. The initial range consists of four long established Carson designs, the 420, 520, 550 and 600 models. Larger models will be introduced in due course.
The renowned range of Carson commercial and military RIBs have been in continual production since the early 1980s and are in professional service in over twenty countries worldwide. Other models in the Carson RIB line up include boats as large as 10 metres. Mariners on the South Coast may be familiar with the on the water breakdown service Seastart whose headquarters is in the Solent and who operate several rugged Carson 750 designs. Past customers include offshore oil companies, military, navy, special forces, police, customs, harbour authorities, diving contractors, oil spill control and rescue services.

All Carson RIBs are built to stringently controlled specifications using Lloyds approved materials in order to offer their users a safe, rugged and high performance vessel whatever the application and comply to ISO 6185-3 and other standards as required. All Carsons are virtually customised to each client's own requirements and with nearly four decades in production there are few small boat applications that have not already seen Carsons applied to. Most models offer a choice of colour, deck layouts, seating arrangement, tube fabric, single or twin engines and a long list of other options.

In addition to their well known hand lay-up GRP laminated hulls and rugged build quality there are several notable design features which all go to make Carsons superior performing ribs. All models share the unique highly developed Carson deep V gull wing hull design that provides a fast planing and exceptionally stable and dry riding vessel with the added benefits of high payload, good fuel economy and more speed for a given power. Their squared flared bow design gives more forward deck space facilitating safer and easier over the bow boarding and working, reduces spray and gives added reserve buoyancy in extreme conditions. Decks are self-draining with reserve buoyancy built-in and strengthened to withstand hard use. Inflatable collars are made by top grade craftsmen from the best quality materials and mechanically attached to the hull for maximum strength, reliability and ease of maintenance. Additional heavy-duty fendering and wear reinforcement patches can also be specified.

Carsons have also proven to be a good choice for the leisure user who wants a tough no nonsense rib above the usual standard normally found in the leisure market. They are especially ideal for diving clubs and sailing associations who demand maximum seaworthiness, reliability and longevity.
The sport minded rib user will also find any Carson a good choice with a great pedigree. As far back as 1990 a standard off the shelf Carson 750 with a MOD Police team took first overall place in the inaugural Round Scotland RIB Race at an average speed of over 50 knots. A record that stood for many years. Many other outstanding achievements have also earmarked Carsons as being well ahead of their time.

More information can be found on or by contacting Colin MacAndrew, tel; 01330 700644 or Barry Carson, tel; 02382025166.