Rib-X limited is a British company that specialises in the expert design and crafting of Rigid Inflatable Boats. Through years of research and development, Rib-X has been built into the trusted and exclusive brand it is today boasting a wide range of superb recreational, commercial and SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) crafts.

The SOLAS convention is an act which aims to specify the minimum requirement standards for construction, equipment and operation of boats compatible with their safety. Strict SOLAS regulations dictate that all yachts over 500GRT should be provided with a rescue boat that meets SOLAS requirements, Rib X is one of only a few companies Worldwide that are SOLAS approved.

At Rib-X, we understand the importance of these requirements and therefore offer a range of British designed and built SOLAS approved tenders engineered to comply with the most stringent standards. However, we pride ourselves on being able to build the SOLAS tenders to the same finish and functionality as all our other tenders, meaning the yacht effectively can carry less tenders whilst still fully complying with safety regulations.

Quality control is something Rib-X prides itself on with each and every Rib being put through rigorous testing before being handed over. Therefore, we are aware of the level of quality control assurance that needs to be executed throughout the design and build process of these SOLAS approved tenders, from the hull construction to the engines and everything in between.

As with most of the crafts designed and built in our British factory, Rib-X offer a custom-designed service for the SOLAS approved tenders. Here at Rib-X, we are aware the obstacles that are encountered when obtaining approval for a safety tender with an owner’s mark on it. However, our extensive and varied experience within this field, means that our owners are able to have a SOLAS approved tender with an added personal touch, without compromising its’ safety.