I am pleased to announce we will be expanding the range of CARSON RIBs on offer, below is our latest press release with hull designs and more details to follow


Following increasing enquiries for larger Carson RIBs three exciting new models are being introduced into the Probond lineup. MD Colin MacAndrew is very pleased with the interest already being shown and is preparing to begin building the first of the new designs .

With over 30 years experience of commercial and military rib designing and building Barry Carson is currently drawing up the new range. While Carsons have a long history of building large ribs as big as 10 metres since the late 80s, mainly for military clients, the new designs will incorporate the latest thinking while still retaining the special Carson features that are tried and tested for well over three decades in professional use.

The new Carson Interceptor Class designs will be available in three sizes, 7.5, 8.5 and 9.5 metres. Primarily for the professional market they will also make a great choice for the serious enthusiast. Notable features are the iconic Carson deep V gullwing hull with stabilising and wave deflecting chines and squared bows at deck in addition to semi wave piercing bows and hull steps. Together these combined features will give a smoother and more stable ride in all conditions with less power sucking porpoising and yawing in a seaway.

In addition the semi wave piercing bow will provide a longer waterline producing higher speed for a given power and enable the hull to slice through chop and waves. It is designed to slice through moderate size waves offering a more comfortable ride for the crew and passengers. Combined with the proven distinctive Carson bow with broad spray rails beginning from the stem, it will still behave in a more conventional manner in larger waves offering above average reserve buoyancy thus minimising potential bow stuffing and at the same time keeping the spray clear for a drier ride. Carsons are well known for their safety, stability, dry riding ability and excellent all round performance coupled with great handling characteristics. These new designs will take these benefits further.

Carson semi wave piercing hulls were first produced as far back as the 80s. Carson stepped rib hulls have been built since 1995. A Carson 7.5m was the first stepped rib hull with a 2 berth cabin made in the UK and as far as known anywhere. The design benefits were immediately clear. The new models have some added refinements to enhance the stepped hull, further increasing performance and economy for a given horsepower. The larger 9.5m will comfortably achieve 1,000 miles range with very high speed potential.

Power for all models may be either outboards, inboards either diesel and petrol, singles or twins and for the 9.5m triple engines are an option. Various drives are possible.

Various deck layout options and roomy consoles enable each boat to be to customised as required for various professional operations. Further options include a cabin with sleeping berths, toilet and even basic cooking facilities. With added bimini tops, cockpit covers to enable additional sleeping area and long range fuel tanks all combine to make any of the Interceptor Class a great cruising and expeditions rib. A 9.5m is scheduled for build in the coming autumn and 8.5m & 7.5m professional versions currently being negotiated for delivery starting late summer.

Built to heavy-duty commercial and military specifications as per usual Carson build quality all boats will have CE Certification and or MCA Coding.

Drawings and specifications will be posted soon. So watch this space!