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    Morning all,

    I am pleased to say the design work for our new Interceptor RIBs is now complete and construction on the plug has commenced. Probond Marine has now relocated to new workshops in Buckie (Moray coast) and would welcome visitors who wish to take a look

    We are planning to start a build thread if people would like to see the build of the plug, mould and first hull?

    Below is the press release regarding these new boats, its a long read but hopefully of interest and we welcome questions:


    The CARSON Interceptor Class is the new generation fast RIB range designed by Barry Carson for Probond Marine Ltd. At the time of writing the moulds and tooling are under construction at Probond's new workshops in Buckie, Moray. The lineup comprises three models, 7.5, 8.5 and 9.5 metres, designated the Interceptor 750, 850 and 950 respectively. Probond already have other Carson RIBs from 4.2 - 9 metres.

    Specialising in fast military and professional craft for well over three decades Barry Carson has brought together all the traditional qualities of his long established range of professional RIBs together with the latest thinking to produce the new Interceptor Class. With their unique and innovative features born with military and law enforcement use foremost they will also make a great choice for expeditions, the serious enthusiast or as a superyacht tender.

    Notable features are the iconic CARSON deep V gull wing hull design with stabilising and wave deflecting chines that run full length from the stem to the stern. There are additional spray rails at the after end of the hull to provide good lift and further stability. The iconic Carson squared bow at deck level further deflects spray and provides massive reserve buoyancy as well as useful additional forward working space and enables over the bow boarding of personnel.

    The vertical stem forms a semi wave piercing bow and a longer waterline for more speed for a given horsepower and a smoother ride. The bow is designed to slice through chop and moderate waves yet has the reserve buoyancy to lift in more extreme conditions then acting like a conventional bow.

    The multiple hull steps further enhance performance and are of a unique configuration. Unlike normal steps these are tapered delta like with the outer part at the chines most pronounced then tapering to zero at the keel line. This is to provide a smooth straight keel to enhance handling, particularly in turns. They also reduce interference of waterflow at the keel to provide extra directional grip and even the use of a waterjet, something not normally possible with stepped hulls. Being swepped back aft at the centreline they will also improve reverse handling in tight manoeuvring. Combined, all these features will give a smoother more stable ride in all conditions with improved fuel economy. Further benefits of this configuration mean easier launching from trailers and beaching operations.

    Various deck layout options and roomy consoles enable each boat to be to customised as required for various professional operations. The standard console is of generous proportions to allow plenty of room for instruments, etc. and good crew and cockpit protection. Positioned offset allows spacious and easier transitting to the foredeck. It may also be positioned centrally for those who prefer a more traditional layout. Within it there is room to fit up to three sleeping berths, toilet and even basic cooking facilities. The standard crew bolster with aft facing passenger seating has locker stowage below it. Other consoles and seating arrangements are also offered. Long range fuel tanks may be built in below decks to give a cruising range of over 1,000 miles. With added bimini tops, side screens and cockpit covers these new Carson Interceptors can stay on patrol for several days at a time if required. This makes them a very viable and cost effective solution to the increasing need for border control, security and other operations.

    Power for all models may be either outboards, inboards either diesel and petrol, singles or twins and for the 9.5m triple engines are an option. Various drives are possible. Depending on power speeds of 65 + knots are available.

Probond Marine are building these new designs to heavy-duty commercial and military specifications as per usual CARSON build quality and all boats come with CE Certification and or MCA Coding as well as a 5 year manufacurer's warranty.

    Carsons have a long established and enviable reputation for their safety, stability, dry riding ability and excellent all round performance coupled with great handling characteristics and longevity. Many Carsons are still in everyday professional operations including with police, etc. over thirty years after first being delivered. These new designs will take these benefits further.
    August 2016

    Thanks Colin
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