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    I've got a 7.8 Ribcraft Offshore & last w/e I needed to be towed in (long story). The sea was big so we decided on a line astern tow rather than a side tow. When the towing boat handed me the line I used my Sampson Post. This bent & pulled the 2 supporting legs out of the deck!! I ended up successfully using my bow eye. But my question is; shouldn't a Sampson Post be capable of being used for a line-astern tow?

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    I know that one of the recommended methods of towing especially in big seas is by using the strength of the transom to take the load. This would mean passing the end of two lines through the bow eye and taking one down the portside of the hull, the other down the starboard side. Attach each line to transom mounted eyes or stern posts.

    This can also be done using one very long tow line, making a figure of eight crossover at the bow eye of the towed vessel. This adds a bit of stability to the tow.

    Towing in rough seas is very demanding and speeds of only a handful of knots are all that should be attempted. The tow line has also to be very long to reduce snatching and to take the tremendous loads on the tow line and its attachments.

    Under what sort of speeds and seas was the tow undertaken?

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    We started the tow on flat water, which is when the sampson post failed. Then I used the bow eye and soon we were in 4ft waves, and we did a MAXIMUM of 5kts.

    I'm just shocked that the sampson post failed so quickly & easily. I thought Sampson Posts were so strong that they could take the weight of the boat.

    Like your towing method though.


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    Hi G250

    I hear and is it true, that you had 10 divers and kit onboard when being towed?

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    Yes. Ah, the rumour mill is hard at work....................

    As I said "I'm just shocked that the sampson post failed so quickly & easily. I thought Sampson Posts were so strong that they could take the weight of the boat."

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    Hope no serious damage done to your boat. How are you having it fixed. In the same manner or are you going to use a different type of fixing to the hull. Do you have any pics you can post?

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    No damage to the boat thank *&^%!!

    Originally the support legs were fitted using a female threaded brass insert through the deck with stainless bolts through this (no nuts, washers or stainless reinforcing plates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). NOT IMPRESSED (can't write my REAL feelings as this is a public viewed forum). When returned for FOC repair I asked for BIG stainless reinforcing plates, but all I got was penny washers. I do NOT trust this Sampson Post

    I do have pics but only of legs pulled through deck (& don't know how to add to this reply!!!!!)


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