UK RIB specialist Caesar Marine has revealed that it is moving its South African production facilities to the US. According to a statement released today, the company's UK facility in Devon will continue to handle fit-out, finishing and all bespoke owner-options, but hulls, tubes, deck and locker mouldings will all be delivered across the Atlantic.

The move from Cape Town, South Africa to Florida is expected to have a marked impact on delivery times. According to Caesar, the manufacturing and ancillary support industries in Florida have grown up on the back of a very strong leisure boating market that is worth over US$15 billion each year, making it easier to source, manage and streamline every aspect of the building process.

"Everything is on our doorstep," says Tom Donovan of Ceasar Marine US LLC. "From skilled labour to just-in-time delivery of key stainless steel and aluminium components, this has allowed us to reduce Ceasar's build schedule and cut waiting times for the established RIB markets in the UK and Europe. The US east coast also has faster container links with the UK meaning that we can get hull components to the UK in shorter, more regular intervals."

Ben Donovan, director of Ceasar Marine, says: "The RIB is still a niche design in the USA but the market is so large that even a small amount of growth will prove to be very good news for the increasingly receptive US dealers. This, combined with the current financial climate, is making it a very favourable move for us."